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1. The official name of the non-profit organisation shall be in Estonian: Tarbija ja Isikute Kaitse Organisatsioon (TIKO). The English translation of the name of the organisation shall be Consumer and Person Protection Organisation and the official abbreviation shall be CPPO, hereinafter referred to as the Organisation. The Organisation has the exclusive right to its own name.

2. The Organisation shall be based in the Republic of Estonia and the Organisation’s operating place shall be located depending on the Organisation’s board’s whereabouts. The contact address of the Organisation is: the Republic of Estonia, Pärnu county, Tahkuranna parish, Võiste, Kaare 13, postcode 86501.

3. The Organisation is a consumers’ and personsvoluntary democratic union, its purpose shall be to contribute to the activities that promote the rights and interests of consumers and persons as well as their training and their possibilities to be engaged in the protection of their rights and interests and development of the policy concerned.

4. In the course of fulfilling its objectives, the Organisation shall represent every consumer and person as well as its own interests. For that purpose, the Organisation shall work with all consumers and persons who are related to or are interested in protecting or promoting the rights and interests of their own as well as these of other consumers and persons.

5. The Organisation shall represent its members and itself in accordance with the legal acts and the Statute.

6. The Organisation shall be guided in its activities by the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia, international conventions and agreements, the legal acts of the European Union, the International legislation and the current Statute.

7. The Organisation is a non-profit legal person in private law who fully owns a seal with its name on it, has its own bank accounts and other accounts, insignia and its own newsletters.

8. All consumers and persons may become members of the Organisation and support the CPPO in any manner if they share the common views with the CPPO’s activity and objectives, or express their good will helping to promote the consumers’ and personsrights. The Organisation shall initiate and create various supporting projects for its members.

9. The Organisation founder members shall choose and its president shall approve and announce periodically the persons who are recognised by their clients and other persons for their friendly activity and who have shown friendly behaviour towards the customers and persons. The persons observed having an unfriendly attitude towards clients and persons, shall be announced as well. The Organisation shall recognise and give out also various relevant awards, souvenirs, honour certificates etc.

10. The Organisation’s assets and property shall comprise its immovable and movable property, its financial resources as well as its intellectual property that is created to be fully owned and is registered by the Organisation.


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