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At its assembly in Brussels, the European Consumers’ Organisation discussed consumer protection provision in the European Union on the basis of what the consumer protection policy was created, providing the consumers with their basic rights.

In the context of these rights, the CPPO has formed its objectives of activity;

*the safety of goods and services and their impact on the life and health of consumers and persons,

*protection of various interests of consumers and persons,

*providing consumers and persons with the information and raising their awareness,

*consumers’ and persons’ right to receive advice and help in order to protect their rights,

*consumers’ and persons’ full-scale training,

*consumers’ and persons’ right to take part in discussions about social issues,

*consumers’ and persons’ right to be represented.

The Law of Obligations Act which came into force on July 1, 2002 in Estonia, provides consumers and persons with better chances in order to ensure their rights. The important aspect here is that the rights of consumers and persons are ensured with the help of alternative dispute resolutions that also reduce the court load.

Consumers’ and persons’ alternative dispute resolution is the simplest and cheapest way to resolve complaints and disputes between the parties. It also allows consumers and persons to participate more actively in the discussions on the topic of their interest in society.

Law enforcement authorities play an important role protecting the consumers’ and persons’ rights. It is necessary to raise general awareness and develop cooperation with other law enforcement authorities. In order to ensure the effectiveness of work, various proposals need to be made and assistance rendered to the executive power bodies in order to promote the legislation necessary for their work.

More information about the organisation’s activity can be found on www.tiko.ee or on tiko.cppo.eu under the section of general information.


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